Monitoring, Controlling, and Repairing Peripheral Nerves


OUR SCIENCE taps into peripheral nerve activity at the most detailed, granular level.
OUR PASSION is producing devices that provide front-line clinicians with precise nerve activity information, enabling them to improve treatment for a number of society’s most detrimental health conditions.
Our scientific background is in cellular electrophysiology. We originated as a subsidiary within Axion Biosystems, a company that spent over 10 years combining its expertise in electrophysiology with a multi-faceted engineering team to invent research instrumentation for recreating heartbeats and brain activity in culture dishes.
Alongside Axion’s product development and commercialization journey, its team conducted parallel research to determine if its core technologies could apply beyond the in vitro environment. Specifically, the goal was to provide clinicians with non-invasive access to highly-detailed nerve activity and performance, in human patients, in real time. With financial support from the NIH, Axion’s researchers successfully developed unprecedented, high-resolution access to peripheral nerve activity transcutaneously.
BioCircuit Technologies has been formed as an independent company with a focus on commercializing the technologies that will provide clinicians access to: 1) precise peripheral nerve activity in patients in real time; 2) consistent test-to-test reliability; 3) “one touch” simple-to-use products that require minimal user training.
BioCircuit’s products will provide clinicians with a practical ability to diagnose health conditions earlier, track progression of symptoms over time, and select treatments more precisely for individual patients.

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