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Sutureless Nerve Repair

Rapid and reliable repair of peripheral nerves 

Nerve Tape is a biologic wrap with integrated microhooks for suture-free coaptation of peripheral nerves. Integrated columns of microhooks bind firmly, safely, and reversibly to outer connective tissues, while the bioresorbable wrap forms a pro-regenerative environment. Nerve Tape is quickly and easily applied for consistent, high-quality repairs.

Nerve Tape quickly wraps, aligns, and affixes nerve ends - safely and reliably.


Safe and reliable coaptation of nerve ends

  • Microscale hooks engage outer connective tissues safely and with controlled depth vs. manually placed sutures 

  • Summed microhook attachments form a strong hold with distributed tension

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Consistent, simple, quick repairs

  • Microhooks float in a flexible biologic backing material for excellent handling properties and easy wrapping of nerve ends 

  • Elimination of microsutures reduces surgical time and complexity and enables consistent, high-quality repairs across surgeon backgrounds

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Optimized nerve regeneration

  • Reliably precise alignment of nerve ends optimizes axonal regeneration

  • Superficial, distributed attachments spread out tension away from the injury site vs. focally placed nylon sutures

  • The extracellular matrix (ECM) wrapping material protects the repair site, supporting natural healing processes before  remodeling over time into native tissue.

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Indications for use: Nerve Tape is indicated for the repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities where gap closure can be achieved by flexion of the extremity.

Contraindications: Nerve Tape is derived from porcine source and should not be used for patients with known sensitivity to porcine material.

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