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Advanced neuromodulation and nerve repair

OUR TECHNOLOGIES monitor, control, and repair peripheral nerves - precisely and reliably.
OUR PASSION is empowering clinicians with powerful yet practical tools for enhanced diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease.
BioCircuit Technologies is a medical device company developing tools for neural interfacing and tissue repair. As a team of scientists, engineers, and programmers, BioCircuit is dedicated to the translation of cutting-edge neurotechnology research into powerful, yet practical, clinical tools. 
BioCircuit's bioelectronic platform taps into nerve and muscle activity non-invasively, providing sensitive, high-resolution monitoring and selective, closed-loop stimulation. Useful in the fields of bioelectronic medicine, neuromodulation, neuroprosthetics, and neuromuscular rehabilitation, this technology provides clinicians with the ability to diagnose health conditions earlier, precisely deliver therapies and track outcomes over time, and reliably implement treatments tailored to individual patients.
BioCircuit's tissue repair portfolio includes Nerve Tape®, an implantable mechanical device for the repair of injured nerves. Thanks to integrated microscale hooks, Nerve Tape wraps quickly and easily around severed nerve ends, forming a strong, reliable hold with distributed tension. Nerve Tape simplifies nerve repair, allowing surgeons to operate faster and achieve precise and reliable coaptation of injured peripheral nerves for improved recovery.
BioCircuit is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and supported by the National Institutes of Health and healthcare technology investors.
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