Nerves are fundamental to how our bodies interact with the world. While researchers and clinicians cite the need for monitoring and controlling precise neurological activity, technology to reliably enable this has not been available. The BioCircuit team has developed a technology that leverages multielectrode arrays, advanced hardware, and proprietary algorithms to develop a miniaturized solution appropriate for highly distributed single clinic, single patient use. This product opens up a new paradigm of functional nerve imaging.


Decades-old traditional nerve conduction technology has several shortcomings. It not only provides a blunt readout of fairly rudimentary data, but also fails to provide test-to-test reliability, such that clinicians cannot practically use it to track a patient’s improvement or decline over time. BioCircuit’s multielectrode array-based technology provides excellent consistency in results, in real time and in test-to-test reliability over time. No hand-measurements with a ruler; no manual calculations; just statistically significant accuracy.


BioCircuit’s product development ethos is to make highly complex data easy to interpret, via a device that is easy to operate. We drive ourselves to iterate our designs until we get “on-target, first try” with a device that can be used by operators with minimal training and little-to-no technical skill.



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