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Neural Interfacing

Non-invasive monitoring and control of nerve and muscle activity

Peripheral nerves convey sensory and motor signals between the brain/spinal cord and the rest of the body. Improved capabilities for “tapping in” to this nerve activity enhance the ability to diagnose and treat disease. Unfortunately, accessing these small neural signals is technically difficult and further complicated by person-to-person differences in anatomy.


BioCircuit’s bioelectronic platform was designed in response to these challenges.

  • Specialized skin-surface electrode arrays can be quickly placed to provide broad coverage of the target nerve.

  • Custom multichannel electronics and algorithms provide a high-definition view of underlying nerve activity and feedback-driven targeting of nerves for activation.

  • The tools and software delivering these capabilities are designed for reliability, consistency, and practical ease-of-use.


The developing system is currently deployed at a number of clinical testing sites for use in areas of bioelectronic medicine, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and neurodiagnostics.

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